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Meet Your Anti-Racism Educators

Deborah Kemp, MSSW, LCSW, BCD


Professor Kemp has been practicing clinical social work for 23 years.  She earned her BSW degree at Western Kentucky University in 1998 and her MSSW from Kent School of Social Work in 2001. She started her career working in Child Welfare at the Cabinet for Family and Children, then served as a regional program director for The Institute for Family Centered Services with the focus on family preservation and reunification. Professor Kemp later worked as a dual diagnosis therapist at Lifespring in Jeffersonville, IN for seven years on a multidisciplinary team where she led treatment groups for co-occurring disorders as well as being the senior therapist for her team.  She was involved at the inception of a community Drug Court program which allowed therapists to work with offenders from a strengths-based approach to guide them back to recovery, housing and employment.  Professor Kemp is currently the program manager for the Post 9/11 Military to Veteran Case Management Program where she has worked on a multi-disciplinary team for 14+years.  She also serves as an ad hoc committee member for the National leadership team of strategic communications out of VAMC National Program office in Washington, DC.  Professor Kemp proudly works as an adjunct social work professor for a local HBCU.

Dr. Dennis Cornell, DSW, LCSW, BCD


Dr. Cornell has been practicing for 20+ years, and is board certified in clinical social work.  He received his doctorate of social work education from the University of Kentucky in 2022.  His doctoral research focused on teaching White people empirically-based anti-racism practices and interventions.  He is an Army Social Work Veteran (73A) who served in Kuwait and Iraq, and a former equal opportunity leader for his units.  As a social justice advocate, Dr. Cornell has lobbied for change for the LGBTQ+ community for many years.  He has been a social justice educator, speaker, writer, professor, and facilitator of anti-racism and intersectionality.  Dr. Cornell has led many workshops and presentations on race, sexual health, military behavioral health, and gender identity/sexual orientation.  He is also an adjunct instructor for a social justice, graduate-level course that he re-designed, and for a military/Veteran social work course.

Check out my peer-review journal article about the anti-racism workshops here:

Cornell, D. (2023). Teaching anti-racism to

   white social work students: A practical     

   approach. Advances in Social Work, 23(2),     278-294.  Link here

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